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Testimonials for J. Douglas Patterson M.D.


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J. Douglas Patterson, M.D.

J. Douglas Patterson, M.D.

“I want to thank Dr. Patterson for getting my throwing hand back in shape so I that I am ready for our biggest tournament of the year!  You and your operating staff treated me great both times!  I really appreciate your help.”


“It’s been a while since my last surgery, but I just wanted you to know that I started my senior season at Conrad and my arm and knee are feeling strong.  I’m excited about the future and appreciate your help in getting me healthy so that I could continue playing competitive baseball.  I listened well and have been diligent about arm care.  Good advice!”


“I would like to thank you all and especially Dr. Patterson for his expertise in surgery.  I now have the use of my right hand back with no pain.  I can’t wait to have the surgery done on my left hand.  The staff is friendly and Beth is wonderful to work with to schedule appointments. Thank you all so much!”

~ Diana Stevenson


“Dr. Patterson, you truly saved my hand and wrist with your magic reconstruction and creative use of metals. After one year, I am still marveled at the amazing job you did! Thank you DOS and Doug, you are the best!”

~ Debbie Chickadel


“I just want to thank Dr. Patterson so much for being such a good doctor to me. My hand and elbow have healed fabulously and there is very little numbness left. I really appreciate your kind, thorough and attentive way. I wish that all doctors were as great as you. Keep up the excellent work.”

~ M.H.


“Dr. Patterson – remember as Mark Twain said – “Wrinkles are reminders of where smiles have been” Keep smiling! Thank you for saving my arm! You are the best.”

~ Julia Winters