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Testimonials for James J. Rubano M.D.


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James J. Rubano, M.D.

James J. Rubano, M.D.

“I recently ran the Tokyo Marathon and although I have the typical physical issues that go along with a race, the major concerns with my knees had absolutely no impact or posed any challenge to the race.  I had no pain at all in my knees, not even the more severe left knee.  My hips had minimal discomfort at best. As a Masters Distance runner, I believe our HCP’s are partners in our training and an integral part of an athlete’s success and Dr. Rubano is an excellent example of that partner.  For this last race in Japan, he helped make a very challenging course very manageable and comfortable.  So thank you!” 

~ Neil Gottlieb


“Dr. Rubano, you certainly have a God given talent in doing what you do.  I am so thankful and grateful that I had my hip replacement.  You did good!” 

~Linda Magee


“I want to thank Dr. Rubano and his team for everything they’ve done for me.  I am able to walk properly because of you.  You are an excellent doctor and I cannot thank you enough.  My experience for both my knee operations have been positive.  You are very kind and sensitive.  My heartfelt thanks to you and everyone who was on your team. Competent and sensitive physicians like you are the prize and asset to the medical profession.” 

~ D. Choudhury


“Thank you to Dr. Rubano for my Mom’s first hip surgery in the spring. We drove to the top of the mountain and she made a short walk to the peak with her Rollatur! Thank you for making it possible. She is getting around and doing well. I cannot thank you enough!”